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If you have landed on our site, then most likely you already know what the darknet is and how it attracts users. The dark side of the Internet is full of various sites where you can find anything from the ban list, but among all the resources, the KRAKEN site is worth noting. Let's figure out what kind of site this is, when it appeared and what is its advantage over other darknet stores.

History of the appearance of the KRAKEN onion

The kraken site appeared quite recently, at the end of 2022, but it is becoming more and more popular every day. The history of its origin is related to the fact that a few months earlier in the same year, the main site of the Hydra darknet was closed. For a long time the hydra took superiority among similar marketplaces, why it was eventually able to close is not known. krmp cc has become a kind of successor to the well-known "three-headed" one, absorbing the best qualities of this resource. But the most interesting thing is that the creators of the kraken decided not to stop and improved the site n k2web cc.

The main advantages of krmp cc

If we talk about the features, we can note the high-quality design in the style of minimalism. At first glance, everything is very simple, white background, black text, but when you start using the kraken, you understand that the lack of graphics and annoying banners greatly improves usability, the site is easy to use and pleasant to find. Concerning other advantages, we can distinguish a large number of sellers and goods, high-quality support and a large number of mirrors, which allow the resource to be online 24/7.